Bones & Manacles

Freedom at Long Last

Chapter 1 – Freedom at Long Last


Not knowing whether or not Captain Locke would return, Zerris expressed urgency in carrying out the plans for mutiny. The chance at freedom had slipped from their grasp once and they would not let it happen again. Sandara Quinn agreed and they decided that the first course of action would be to arm themselves. Sandara, Jimmy, Rosie, Conchobar, and Kroop stayed behind to make it seem like everyone was working while Zerris, Leon, Red, Kara, and Kelben ran ahead to break into the currently unguarded armory and acquire the needed weapons for this mutiny to be successful. Upon getting there, Red quickly checked the door and lock for any possible traps and determined it was safe, however it was locked. Not wishing to spend anymore time than necessary, Zerris sent the door bursting open with a surge of magic and everyone filed in to gather the weapons necessary. Moments later they returned to inform their friends of their success. The next part of the plan involved setting a trap in the crew berths. They decided that Rosie would play the part of the “snitch” and inform Knuckles Grype, the first mate, that there was an altercation happening in the berths.


They did not have to wait too long before Knuckles and ten of the buccaneers aboard the Thresher piled into the berths. Conchobar had followed Rosie to make sure that his beloved was okay, and they had been found out in the process. Knuckles tossed little Rosie into the corner of the room and ordered his men to execute her. Turning his attention toward the rest of the group, he cracked his knuckles, announcing “I’ll take care of these bilge rats”. Jimmy, Sandara, and Kroop immediately rushed to the aid of Rosie and Conchobar, doing their best to fend off the ten armed buccaneers with their newly acquired weapons. Knowing that they would soon be overwhelmed, Kelben also rushed to their aid. Zerris, Leon, Red, and Kara kept their focus on Grype. Although he was no captain, his reputation was just as impressive as Inkskin’s. Grype wore spiked gauntlets over his hands, and one of the rumors among the crew was that he had once killed thirty men in Bloodcove with his bare hands during a barroom brawl. They took a tactical formation with Kara, Zerris, and Red focusing on Grype while Leon supported them with magic from behind. Kara worked himself into a rage, channeling all the hate he had accumulated from his time as a prisoner, as he sent the heavy blade of his greataxe slicing through the air with intent to kill. Likewise, Zerris called upon the powers of the Dark Prince, Zon-Kuthon to help him slay Grype. Red’s technique was more rigid, befitting that of a pirate and he too assaulted Grype with blow after blow. Knuckles was a seasoned brawler and this was not his first time being outnumbered, he fended off the attacks with adequate success and began to put together a few combos of his own, taking full advantage of the poison he had coated his gauntlets in. A devastating right followed by an uppercut left Red’s body feeling numb as the poison seeped in through the wound and began to attack his central nervous system. It wasn’t long before Red was forced to withdraw. Sensing that they had underestimated their foe, Leon took Red’s place in the formation delivering a jolt of electricity to Grype’s body that left the massive brawler reeling a bit. Zerris and Kara were quick to take advantage of the opening but Grype’s experience shined yet again as he escaped the onslaught with minimal damage and riddled Leon’s body with several lightning fast punches. The effect of the poison was almost instantaneous, and Leon retreated to the back lines to avoid falling victim to another flurry.

Turning of the Tides

The Thresher’s buccaneers were not of the best caliber, Captain Locke had taken those with her when she assaulted Tidewater Rock and Kelben wasted no time in crushing their bones with his earth breaker. Getting desperate, Red snatched the piss-stained sheets off a nearby cot and hurled them through the air at Grype. Only for a moment Knuckles was distracted but it was enough time for Zerris and Kara, aided by Leon’s magic to rip into Knuckles’ chest with their steel and send the burly man to his knees. “PARLEY! PARLEY!” the injured Grype yelled out but Zerris and Kara were having none of it. Zerris’ spiked chain wrapped around Grype’s neck sending blood splattering across the floor and with a swift chop from his greataxe, Kara severed the coward’s head from his body.

There Be Treasure!?

Using Grype’s severed head, the group decided to “persuade” the rest of the Thresher’s crew to join them. Much to their surprise, when they get on deck only three buccaneers were left to be found. After some brief interrogating they learned that Grype had secretly copied the treasure map from Captain Locke’s back and sent men into Mancatcher Cove to try and decipher the clues on the map. Everyone was just in time to witness the longboat being overrun in the cove by a tide of sahuagin and sharks. Clearly obtaining Cyrus D. Wolfe’s treasure would be no easy task. Searching the Thresher they were able to find the map that Knuckles had copied as well as a fully stocked cargo hold and armory. The shelves of the quartermaster’s store was also quite abundantly stocked and the icing on the cake was the immense chest of gold found in the captain’s cabin. They had everything they had ever wanted now ,a ship of their own and a chance to live the free life of pirates as it was meant to be lived – without the tyranny of cruel and unfair leaders. With some advice from the seasoned Ambrose Kroop they learned of a dry dock close to Bloodcove called Rickety’s Squibs where they could get the Thresher refitted and mask the identity of the boat. The treasure of Mancatcher Cove would need to wait for another day and with renewed hope and excitement, the Thresher set course for Rickety’s Squibs.


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